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Der Schatten aus der Zeit

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    Faced with old age and Karl's cancer treatment, they are ambushed with visions of coffins on either side of the road as they drive. With nowhere to turn to escape instead the pair take a moment to celebrate life with an appreciative sip of water, followed by a bottle of champagne in honour of Sevgi's birthday.

    Here we see the playful multilingualism which positions characters as players with multiple affiliations and highlights the everyday transnationalism of contemporary Europe. Finally, with Karl's emptying of his catheter, comes her ability to find the comic in the grotesque, telling stories that need to be told in a register that allows simultaneously for pleasure in absurdity and for painful truth. View all notes Her work has been key for scholars such as Leslie A. Adelson, Liesbeth Minnaard, B. Venkat Mani, and Tom Cheesman in shaping new approaches to this emerging strand of German and transcultural literature.

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