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Neither clients nor attorneys are charged any fees by the DMLP; you can request legal assistance with your digital journalism or publishing project through the OMLN website. This permits us to respond with relevant information and legal resources in an informed and timely manner, collaborating with our wide array of partner organizations where appropriate.

We have drafted issue guides, filed amicus curiae briefs, spoken to the press and to audiences at conferences and universities, and served experimental journalism projects in an advisory capacity. Contributors to the Blog include a diverse group of lawyers, law professors, law students, and others with an interest in digital media.

We also publish a monthly newsletter, the Citizen Media Law Brief , which updates subscribers on the activities of the DMLP and provides links to media law-related news items from other sources. For more information about the DMLP, please visit our website! By continuing to use this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy. Home Library Translate. Blog: Crisis Management. Social Studies Primary Level.

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    Polymer Science. Remote Sensing, geoInformation and Visualization. Romance Philology. School and Education Management. Tax Law. Corporate and Tax Law. Other developments include the failed acquisition of Media Capital by Altice. The media industry may see further activity in the film production sector, however. In February last year, the government announced a 25 per cent rebate for filmmaking in Portugal.

    The rate rises to 30 per cent for productions that feature Portuguese culture or have a significant effect on national film production.

    The financial incentive is expected to attract productions from the US and boost the film business. The team is highlighted by competitors for its detailed knowledge of press freedom, privacy and image rights and data protection.

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    Lawyers also advise on complex misleading and comparative advertising. The practice has a combined focus on entertainment, advertising, technology and social media. In highlighted work lawyers assisted clients with media regulatory issues connected with the production of television shows in Portugal, licensing agreements and copyright. Sports law expert Abreu Advogados i s a popular choice among local and international clients. The team has broad-ranging experience advising on sports corporate law, labour law, intellectual property and tax law.

    CCA Ontier represents leading press groups, television cable networks and advertising agencies. The practice is widely recognised as a specialist in the area of media law with experience advising on compliance, regulation and corporate transactions. Led by Martim Menezes, lawyers litigate in multiple cases of freedom of speech and freedom of information. The team acts for clients including Cofina, Netflix and Havas.

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    The media team at Cuatrecasas acts for entertainment companies, television networks and music recording studios. Head of the IP, media and data protection division, Leonor Chastre , is a leading industry figure, locally and internationally. Pbbr has a solid position in the market and is praised by clients and peers alike. The practice also has a particular focus on IT and IP with wider emphasis on franchising, distribution and unfair competition.