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Oral & Maxillofacial surgery

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What is an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Chapter, Contemporary Implant Dentistry, includes new and updated implant surgical techniques and virtual planning. Chapter, Treatment of Complex Implant Cases , features new and updated cases requiring more complex treatment, including bone augmentation surgery in combination with implants. Coverage of Management of Sinus Disease updated outline of the fundamental principles for evaluation and treatment of the patient with sinus disease , including endoscopic therapy.

Coverage of Management of Medication-related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw outlines the fundamental principles for evaluation and treatment of the patient. Facial Cosmetic Surgery chapter is organized by nonsurgical and surgical procedures, covering popular procedures such as dermal fillers, botox, facial resurfacing, browlift and forehead procedures, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and rhytidectomy.

Content on implants, new instruments, and the latest technology help you treat your patients more effectively. Basic techniques of evaluation, diagnosis, and medical management described in enough detail to facilitate immediate clinical application. Part 5. Maxillofacial Pathology - Differential Diagnosis of Oral Disease; Odontogenic Cysts and Tumors; Benign Nonodontogenic Lesions of the Jaws; Oral Cancer; Treatment; Lip Cancer; Salivary Gland Disease and Tumors; Management of Mucosal and Related Dermatologic Disorders; Skin Cancer.

Volume Two - Part 6.

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Maxillofacial Reconstruction - Local and Regional Flaps; Bony Reconstructions; Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer; Microneurosurgery; Cleft Lip and Palate; Alveolar Cleft Grafting; Craniofacial Syndromes; Part 7. Temporomandibular Joint Disease - TMJ Anatomy and Pathophysiology; Non-Surgical Management; Surgery for Internal Derangements of the Temporomandibular Joint; Hypomobility and Hypermobility. Part 8.

Orthognathic Surgery - Growth and Development; Orthodontics For Orthognathic Surgery; Mandibular Surgical Procedures; Maxillary Surgical Produces; Management of Facial Asymmetry; Prevention and Management of Complications of Orthognathic Surgery; Cleft Management in Orthognathic Surgery; Distraction Osteogenesis; Part 9. Facial Esthetic Surgery; Blepharoplasty; Rhinoplasty; Rhytidectomy; Forehead and Brow Procedures; Liposculpting Procedures;

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